torsdag 12 januari 2012


Songs by David Jassy

Albums With Navigators:

* 1999: Daily Life Illustrators (reached #27 on Swedish Albums Chart)

Album tracks: "Come Into My Life" "Superstar" "I Remember" "Get a Life" "Something's Wrong" "Dreams" "All Over" "Believe In Yourself" "Blue Hill" "Set Sail" "Snakes" "If You Where Here Tonight"

Singles by Navigators:

* 1998: "Come Into My Life" [3] (reached #31 on Swedish Singles Chart) * 1998: "I Remember" [4] (reached #46 on Swedsh Singles Chart) * 1999: "Superstar" [5] (reached #20 on Swedish Singles Chart)

Collaborations and productions:

* 2004: "Blah Blah Blah" (single by Vanessa Struhler featuring David Jassy)

* 2007: "Be Good to Me" by Ashley Tisdale featuring David Jassy (taken from her album Headstrong) o "Not Like That" (written by David Jassy produced by Twin)

* 2007: "Body Language" by Heidi Montag (written by David Jassy)

* 2008: Flashback (album by Darin Zanyar with six songs on the album written by David Jassy): o "Karma" (single written by and featuring David Jassy) o "Runaway" (single written by David Jassy) o "Strobelight", "Flashback", "Roadtrip" (other songs on album written by David Jassy)

* 2008: "Outta Control" by V Factory (written and featuring David Jassy) * 2009: "Love Struck" by V Factory (written by David Jassy, Darin and produced by Swedish production team Twin)

* 2009: Guilty Pleasure, an album by Ashley Tisdale - album co-produced by David Jassy o "It's Alright, It's OK" (single from same album - song co-written by David Jassy) o "Crank It Up (second single includes vocals by David Jassy) o "Watcha Waitin For" (written by David Jassy produced by Twin) o "Acting Out" (written by David Jassy and produced by Twin)

* 2009: "What If", an anti-bullying song by Friends featuring Darin (written by David Jassy and produced by Twin)

* 2009: "Got Skillz" "Pooltable" "Okay" "Match Made In Heaven" with Ilya (featuring David Jassy on all tracks)

* 2009: "Exit"

* 2010: "Pyramid (song)" by Charice featuring Iyaz (written by David Jassy produced by Twin)

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